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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 14, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> oscar pistorius of south africa known as the blade runner arrested after his girlfriend in a shot and killed and his home in pretoria. these are live pictures of the gated community where he lives. more on that in a few moments. this is al jazeera, live from doha. so in the news, the deal of the century. talks on a $12 billion sale of fighter jets. revealing a prisoner x. an israeli-australian man jailed under a false identity
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died in israeli custody. try to restore consumer confidence following a scandal. dna testing is ordered on food products right across europe. the south african olympic athlete oscar pistorius has been arrested after his girlfriend was found shot dead and his home. it's been reported by south african media, but police would only say they have arrested a 26-year-old man. a policewoman said that he and his 30-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp or in the house and there had been previous incident at the house. she was shot several times and confirmed dead at the scene. the suspect is expected to appear in court in the coming hours and is being charged with murder. live pictures from the compound where he lives in pretoria.
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it is a gated community where mostly wealthy people live. access to the compound is controlled by a security guard. here's what the police said a short time ago. >> we confirm there was a shooting incident this morning at the home of the well-known paralympics applebee's oscar pistorius. - athlete. a young woman died on the scene of gunshot wounds. a man has been arrested and charged with murder. he is headed for a medical examination and will appear at the magistrate's court at 2:00 this afternoon in pretoria. we had reports of an alleged break-in where the young lady was mistaken as a burglar. the forensics investigation is ongoing.
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we're not sure where that report came from. our detectives have been on the scene and the investigation is ongoing. >> reporters asked the police woman whether she could identify the victim? >> at this stage, the challenge is the family has not identified -- has not been notified, so we are not at liberty to discuss this with the media. >> our sports correspondent andy is in the studio. there's been a lot of speculation as to what might actually have happened. no one knows. the police investigation is under way. there was a clue in the police statement when they talked about previous incidents at this house. >> yes. she said they cannot give more details about the particular question. there were very few details. a 9 millimeter pistol was
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recovered. the house had previous incidents. people were asking what those incidents were. no details given. previous violence incidents at the house. >> we're looking at live pictures of the house. this is taken from a helicopter flying over the compound where the incident happened in the early hours of this morning. we still don't know whether this was a tragic accident from a domestic dispute. hise's no doubt about athletic prowess and his achievements. he has been dogged by controversy throughout his career. >> yes. he has crammed a lot into his 26 years. in 2009 he faced an assault charge, that followed incident
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at a party at an same address in pretoria involving a girl who accused him of assaulting her at a party. those charges were dropped. around the same time, he was involved in a serious boating accident and almost lost his life during the incident. when i interviewed him a couple times in the last year or so before the london olympics he said that incident changed its focus on life, that he had been partying too much and it caused him to refocus on his life in general. >> many thanks. let's take you live to pretoria. our correspondent is outside. are you at the courthouse in pretoria where he will make an appearance later or the police station? >> i am outside pretoria magistrate's court. the police station is not far away. he is now at a local hospital
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undergoing a medical exam. not known whether he's undulate -- under the influence. he will apply for bail. police have issued a statement. one policewoman said the police are surprised at allegations that it was perceived to be a burglar. those allegations did not come from police. police are investigating a case of murder and investigations are ongoing. his representative issa said that he thought it was an intruder and that's why he fired and his girlfriend, a model. people hearing better golden boy has shot someone in the early hours of this thursday morning.
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>> and is your friend is well known in south africa. >> she was a former model, a well-known public figure. she was due to appear in a few days on a popular tv program in a couple days. people know her very well and they knew that she was dating him. one tweet she sent him was that she was looking for to spending time with him for valentine's day. that was sent a few hours ago. people are surprised to hear of her death and her family members are shocked of course. everyone's waiting for him to appear in court at 2:00 p.m. local time to see if he will get bail and are waiting for what the police will say. >> many thanks. keep us updated. that live report from pretoria outside the courthouse where
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oscar pistorius will appear shortly. now to the rest of news. israel has confirmed for the first time it's simple in prison and australian-is really national under a false name after reporting the restrictions on the so-called prisoner x were lifted. the man later died in custody. now this report. parks israel has broken its silence on the case of the mysterious prisoner x, a man who purportedly had died in this prison. the government has confirmed it jailed a man with dual nationality under a false name. its statement says " a prisoner was an israeli citizen and also had foreign citizenship was jailed for security reasons. prisoner was held under a pseudonym, but his family was notified of the arrest immediately." >> it goes on to say the prisoners' rights were observed at all times but that he was found dead in his cell two years ago.
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australian tv says this is the man held prisoner. he reportedly held israeli and australian citizenship and used three different names. ben zygier, ben allen, and while in israel, ben alon. he moved to israel in 2000 and had an israeli family and lived in tel aviv. the report says there's evidence to suggest you work for israel's spy agency mossad. for reasons still not clear, he ended up in prison in solitary confinement, in a cell built to hold the man who assassinated israel's prime minister rabin. it was supposed to be a suicide- proof cell. he was found hanged in december 2010. his body was flown home to melbourne. >> we have expiration already out. information being held from the
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israeli public. >> after initially saying that he knew nothing about the case, australia posted foreign minister now says his government was told that an australian was detained by israel in 2010 for national security. >> the australian government saw assurances from israel that the individual's legal rights would be respected, he had legal representation of his own choosing, and the individual family members would be notified of his arrest and detention, and he was not being mistreated. >> israel and australia have had diplomatic wranglings in the past. in 2010, four for trust trillion passports were allegedly used by mossad in the killing of a hamas arms trader in dubai. after that, australia expelled
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an israeli diplomat. now there will be questions on how this man ended up in prison and why he died. >> in the last couple hours, his lawyer has confirmed that his client was not considering suicide. he said that his client was rational when he saw him before he died and was considering a plea bargain. japan remains in recession. economy has shrunk for third quarter aden road. it contracted by 0.1% in the last quarter. it was enough to surprise analysts who expected a modest growth. strongelieved the yen's performance and a diplomatic dispute with china contributed to the figures. japan says it has the right to arm itself -- to strike against any threat. but japanese defense minister made the comments after north korea conducted a third nuclear
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test. >> when an intention to attack japan is evident, the apprentice imminent and there are no other options, japan is allowed to carry out strikes against enemy targets. >> south korea has unveiled a new cruise missile capable of hitting targets in north korea. the missile can be fired from a warship or submarine. two days ago, north korea conducted a third nuclear test. >> the cruise missile is an extremely accurate weapon that can give precise targets such as the north korean command office or anywhere in or prevented. it is extremely destructive and prayerful. -- and powerful. >> there's a joint military exercise of thailand. the u.s., south korea, japan, indonesia, and malaysia are taking part in the drill. myanmar is taking part in this
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first joint military drill in thailand but only as an observer. the exercise is aimed at enhancing cooperation between the u.s. and regional allies. our weather forecast next on a al jazeera. still to come, a war on the oscar pistorius story. we will be going live to pretoria for the story. -- more on the oscar pistorius case. >> hello and welcome back. across europe, we have a big area of low pressure that you can see in madrid. another area of low pressure giving significant snowfall. that continues to push east, giving snow to austria. mild weather moving across the u.k. not looking at in the iberian peninsula. weather conditions are generally
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try and find. to the east, an area of low pressure around the black sea. moving into northern parts of africa, there is a cool breeze coming across the mediterranean. in benghazi, temperatures nothing special. warming up considerably. in khartoum, looking at 37 degrees. in central africa in the gulf of guinea, there could be showers as well in lagos. not looking at. more southern parts of africa, heavy rain in gambia and tanzania. madagascar likely to get heavy downpours. namibia and south africa, largely dry. sh
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>> the top stories. the south african olympic athletes oscar pistorius has been arrested after his girlfriend was shot dead and his home in pretoria in the early hours of thursday morning. israel has confirmed for the first time that it secretly and present an australian-is really national under a false name after reporting restrictions on the prisoner or lifted. the man later died in custody. activists a rebels in syria have shot down a jet near idlib. this video shows the aircraft plunging towards the ground. in hama there have been reports of shelling. this purports to show the aftermath of an attack. fierce fighting around an airport in colombo after rebels took control of the military air base on tuesday - in aleppo.
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an iranian official has reportedly been killed in syria as he traveled by road to 11 on. the iranian embassy in lebanon says that he was killed by rebels a few kilometers from the lebanese border. let's go to our correspondent in beirut. what were the circumstances of the death of this iranian? gretzky's a high commander in the iranian revolutionary guard forces. he was killed in syria yesterday around noon. the news came out late last night. the iranian embassy announced in a statement that he was killed on his way to beirut. we don't know exactly what he was doing in syria. he's very famous in lebanon. he spent most of the last six years here. he was in charge of iranian efforts to reconstruct what ever israel had demolished and destroyed in the 2006 war.
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it's a huge project. about $1 billion have been spent from 2006 to 2010. this man was known as the engineer. he was in charge of the council that was calling -- channeling all the money, overseeing all the construction projects in southern lebanon. many lebanese will see this as one more sign on how iran has a lot of influence in lebanon on, not only in terms of reconstruction, but this is a high commander in the iranian revolutionary guard, they are learning. >> the french president is in india to sign a civil and military deals worth tens of billions of dollars. friends of hollande -- hollande meets all he can get. >> it is the french president's
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first visit to asia since taking office last year and reduce traveling with a very important delegation including its foreign and defense ministers. there's a sizable military deal at stake behind the diplomatic rhetoric. >> the biggest democracy in the world, a country which is in development. [indiscernible] >> along with big business networking, what is this trip really about? this fighter jet costs $65 million each. and president is in india to discuss the sale of 126 of them. the deal is worth about $12 billion. the indians liked it because it's able to perform a variety of missions and it has proved itself in combat in libya and in mali, launching strikes against rebel. rebel it is nuclear-capable, meaning
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it's able to carry nuclear bombs. it can be adapted to land or aircraft carriers. alice say india is on a massive military modernization drive. -- analysts say. >> india has two enemies, pakistan and china. china has been a long-term enemy. pakistan is an irritant, a constant irritant. so india is modernizing its air force. >> also up for discussion is a contract with france to build a nuclear plant in india. the 10 billion dollar framework agreement was signed by and the french president's predecessor in 2010. of a mutuallyn beneficial agreement.
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>> ask france teeters on the brink of recession, its new leader needs all the big business deals seaq and gatwick one of the world's fastest- growing economies. >> the rest of oscar pistorius after his girlfriend was shot dead in the early hours of thursday morning. here is what the police in pretoria had to say a short time ago. >> we can confirm there was a shooting incident this morning and the home of the well-known paralympic at least oscar pistorius. we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder. he is on his way to the district medical center for examination. he will appear in april toward a magistrate's court at 2:00 this afternoon. we have heard media reports during the morning of an alleged break-in, that the young
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lady was allegedly mistaken to be a burglar. investigations are ongoing. we're not sure where this report came from. it did not come from police. our detectives have been on the scene and the investigation is ongoing. >> let's bring in our correspondents outside the courthouse in pretoria where oscar pistorius is due to appear in just over 30 minutes time. >> exactly. people are waiting for oscar oscar pistorius here. people want to know what happened. he thought then he was shooting an intruder when actually killed his girlfriend. we are hearing other conflicting reports. police say that statement did not come from them. so people are asking lots of
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questions, more so because he and his girlfriend or celebrities. there were seen out and about in the town and their relationship was all over the newspapers and television. both were well known. she was due to appear in a few days' time in a popular local tv series that was due to air on local tv station. so it has a had a huge impact on south africans and people who loved this golden boy of south africa. people were shocked to hear that he shot his girlfriend. >> it may turn out to have been a tragic accident. at the moment we are just speculating. we don't know until the police investigation is complete and we have had the court appearance later today. troubling was the moment in the police statement when they said that there had been trouble before at the property. do you think that referred to recent trouble with his girlfriend perhaps? or did it referred to an incident in the past at a party
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that he threw a few years ago? >> exactly. there's lots of speculation at the moment. people are trying to piece things together. oscar pistorius is a very controversial figure, known for his temper. some people say that he is arrogant sometimes. he had accused his girlfriend of cheating on him and has been accused of being abusive at other times. all the stories, people are not sure what is true and what is not. people are trying to find out what exactly happened. it all depends on how fast police can do their investigation and what happens here at the court. will he get bail? people are waiting for that to happen. the general sentiment on the street is that of shock. >> many thanks. outside thepretoria
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courthouse. police in mexico have arrested six men in connection with the rape of a group of women tourists. their arrest on wednesday came nine days after a loaded gun and entered a beach house in acapulco and raped six spaniards while forcing their male friends to watch. the attorney general of mexico said the detainees have all confessed. mexico's president has announced a change in strategy in his country's war on drugs. he says the government will spend more than $9 billion on programs aimed at stopping young people from joining gangs. now this report from mexico city. >> the new plan announced by the president is a departure from the previous government strategy. by saying they need to spend more money on social development programs, they are saying the military strategy of the former president did not work. calderon had a 50,000 soldiers and federal police waging war
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against drug gangs and organized crime groups. there are still many checkpoints and the military still involved. but the president is saying we're not calling to get out of this mess unless we really developed out youth. there are 7 million mexicans under age of 39 who are not employed and they are easy targets for gangs looking for cheap wolabor. -- under the age of 30. the says we need to develop these young people, give them opportunities, and see what they can do with their lives other and worked for criminals. we're not hearing many specifics on how the government will spend the money other than the fact they will try to spend in 250 of the most violent towns across the country. >> hugo chavez is having extremely complex and stuff cancer treatment in cuba. the vice president gave the help
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update on venezuelan tv. american airlines and u.s. airways are creating one of the world's biggest airlines. the new carrier is expected to be worth around $11 billion. it will be branded american airlines but it would be run by the ceo of u.s. airways. american airlines as been under bankruptcy protection since 2011. let's get the story from an aviation consultant in washington, d.c. our american could have emerged from bankruptcy in successfully on its own, i think. u.s. airways has been very consistent in the idea that mergers need to take place in the u.s. industry to reduce the level of competition and to create carrier's large enough to survive. however, it's not entirely clear that mere size is a guarantee of success. the most profitable carrier in
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the world and in the u.s. is southwest. it's not the largest in the field. >> to the growing scandal over a food standards in europe. protesting beef products across the your opinion. they are to be dna tested for they are to be dna tested for traces
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